Quality Goes All the Way Back to the Source

We source our raw materials from all over the world, but we try to keep it close to home. Most of our malt comes from a small farm and maltster in Idaho Falls, just a short drive north of the brewery. We also bring in the great products of Europe, where centuries of brewing tradition have developed incomparable grains and hops. We believe strongly in the idea that quality goes all the way back to the source, so we use the best malt, hops and yeast we can get.

Time Honored and Simple

We craft our beer in a small brewery, about 300 gallons at a time. Our process is time-honored and simple. We stir the mash by hand and like it that way. Every batch is the product of an up-close and hands-on interaction between our brewers, materials and equipment.

Bonneville Brewery has been producing quality craft beers in the western deserts of Utah since 2012. Overlooking the shores of the Great Salt Lake, our brewers draw inspiration from the uniquely rugged landscape as well as the uniquely rich motorsports history that surrounds this very special part of the world.